These videos will download to your download file and you can open them there or move them to a directory you want. They will rely on the player installed on your computer. You can get Quick time free here, or something comprable.

Video length - Playing Until You Win 4min. 7 sec. If you want your federal tax levy to be suspended perpetually and you want your IRS problems to go away, then you must build your case on a firm foundation from the beginning by anticipating that you might need to appeal. This video shows how to do that. Order this package here.

Video length - Non Frivolous Arguments Video 7 min. 34 sec. The IRS is primed to refuse to give you tax relief in your CDPH (Collection Due Process Hearing) and try their best to collect back taxes they claim you owe. There were many before you that tried to solve their tax problems and stop an IRS levy through a CDPH hearing that had the issues they raised deemed "frivolous". This video contains a description of arguments and authority that have prevailed in past with the IRS and that greatly increase the likelihood that you will prevail in your hearing as well. Order this package here.

Video length - Burden of Proof Video 4min.2 sec. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the principles of administrative law apply in CDPH (Collection Due Process Hearing) hearings. One of the principles of administrative law that you can use to force the IRS to help you invalidate a tax levy and make your IRS problems go away is the issue of "burden of proof". It is a principle of administrative law that the burden of proof is on the movant or proponent. Since the IRS is giving you a tax problem by claiming you owe them and trying to levy your wages or bank account, the burden is on them to prove the legitimacy of an IRS tax levy. This video shows how to make the burden on them heavy; very heavy. Order this package here.

Video Length - Build A Record In Your Favor 1min. 54sec. Building evidence that will rebut the IRS record is a way of getting the IRS right where you want them. They usually do not have evidence that is 100% true. When you show they have had bad faith and that you built a record for appeal then they will not prevail on appeal and will not have to release their tax levies against your wages or bank account permanently. This video talks about how to build a record in your favor and increase your chances of prevailing on appeal. Order this package here.

Video Length - No Levy Without Notice 2 min. 35 sec. Currently, there have been many reports of the IRS doing wage garnishments without sending a proper or timely "notice of levy". Success has been had in getting the IRS to immediately release a levy by pointing out the provision in 26 USC Sec.6330 that provides there can be no IRS garnishment on wages or bank accounts without a proper notice required by the statute. This video discusses that provision. Order this package here.

Video Length - Sample Hearing Request Forms Video 6 min. 32 sec.In order to get the IRS to immediately release a levy it is best to use the form that they created and approve of. This video discusses the fact that the proper form is included as part of the package, and also, what to put on the form in order to obtain the immediate release of an IRS levy against your bank account or wages. Order this package here.

Video Length - Get Them Fired Video 10 min. 26 sec. It is one thing for one of us to accuse IRS personnel of misconduct or criminal conduct; it is still another for us to have the Treasury Inspector General tell us about the misconduct of IRS personnel. This video shows how to combine Freedom of Information Act requests with Treasury Inspector audit reports and two Federal statutes; one criminal and one civil, to get IRS personnel that are harassing you disqualified from working your case, terminated from their job, or, criminally prosecuted for denying you dueOrder this package here.

Video Length - IRS Poison Bomb 9 min. 23 sec. No! Not literally a bomb! Unless you include one mad process as set out in the Code, the Internal Revenue Manual, and the Treasury Regulations.

Video Length - Components of IRS Poison Bomb 4 min.56 sec. Again, not literally a bomb! And again, it isn't a literal bomb unless you include, in the definition of bomb, something made up entirely of provisions from the law. This video discusses the exact statutes and how to use them to get IRS personnel in trouble civilly and criminally with a view toward ending any levy threat to your wages, revenue streams, or bank accounts by getting collection activity suspended perpetually. This video discusses how to use Freedom of Information Act requests to expose the criminal conduct of both your Collection Due Process hearing officer and the IRS personnel assigned to your case. If the law is used correctly a Collection Due Process hearing request can be framed so that it will taint every IRS operative that it comes in contact with. It is a very real possibility that this can all be done in such a way that no appeals officer will want to rule on your case leaving collection activity against you permanently suspended. Order this package here.